"Hero-Sword" Brand

by Jon
(CC, Texas, USA)

Hello All,

I was wondering if anybody has ever heard and or acquired one of these "Hero-Sword" swords. Found this one (attached) on Ebay and bought for around $330. The only description it had is below, but he later emailed me back and assured me it is a full tang sword. What do y'all think?


Blade material ;Real hand forged Damascus Folded steel

HRC ;58

sharpness ; can cut trees and bamboo,even can cut A4 paper!!!

overal length approximately;106cm
blade length approximately ;75cm
handle length approximately;22cm
blade width approximately (near habaki); 5.5cm
overall weight approximately (with Sheath);1932g
without Sheath weight approximately;1535g
handle material ; hard wood +nylon cord +Stainless steel top of the decoration
Sheath material ; hard wooden +leather
tsuba material ;Stainless steel
Conditional ;brand new

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by: Paul

Hi Jon,

It sounds like you have already purchased this sword - so I don't want to be too harsh and at the end of the day - the most important thing is that you like it.. However there are a couple of things not quite right about this particular piece..

The first concern is any damascus steel folded sword, unless made at a much higher price point, tends to have many microflaws in the steel that would not be there if it was just monotempered and a bad cut could literally tear the sword apart at the seams..

This is especially concerning as if it is HRC58 it is a little too brittle for heavy use.. Many people think the higher the HRC is the better, but it is not that simple. If it was monotempered and made from a really high grade steel, HRC58 would be fine - but the combination of a long blade that is folded and quite hard could be disastrous.. (as a rule of thumb, unless a special steel is used, a European sword should be around 50HRC or so, a Japanese sword that is differentially hardened has an edge HRC of 60 and a spine of 40 and this is important as if the entire sword was HRC60, it would be too brittle to absorb impacts..)

Other things that concern me are using Japanese sword terminology for a Euro sword - such as "habaki", "tsuba" etc.. This suggests a lack of knowledge about Euro swords by the seller, which would in turn mean that they don't know what makes a good or a bad sword and are simply selling what the forge is making..

All that said, it looks pretty nice - but please do not use it for any serious cutting as the aforementioned brittle folded blade could fail catastrophically..

All part of the learning experience, and I don't want to make you feel bad about your purchase. My general advice to beginning sword collectors is to stick to the well known brands we talk about on SBG as they take all the guesswork out until you have the necessary knowledge to be able to sort the jewels from the junk on your own.

All the best,
- Paul

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