how do you fix a hilt that feels somewhat loose?

by Chris

QUESTION: I recently bought a 'G-813 HIGH CARBON SPRING STEEL SCIMITAR SWORD' from global gear on ebay. The sword appears at the following web address.

They also have their own website I noticed the grip, pommel and crossguard have considerable 'play' in them. When I twist the grip there is movement to the point where the hilt appears loose. I am sure the sword is full tang. Is it possible to fix the hilt more securely so that it doesn't twist relative to the blade?

ANSWER: Hi Chris,

Assuming that the sword came this way out of the box, I wouldn't try to fix it but rather email their customer service to get it replaced. Global have a good reputation for service.

It's a bit hard to tell from the pictures, but I do not think it is peened, so in theory the pommel should screw off/on and may have a nut inside that can be manually tightened. Unless it has been glued on...

So yes, the best way is to contact them first and just see about getting a replacement.

- Paul

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hate to state the obviuos
by: Michael, G,Henschel

i hate to state the obviuos but it does sound like that it may have a rat tail tang running down the whole hilt where the pummol might just screw on.
(Sorry bout bad spelling)

Michael, G,Henschel

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