How sharp are the Tenchi and SGC swords?

by Hank
(Dallas Tx Usa)

QUESTION: I am just asking how sharp the swords are. Are they razor sharp? Or a good cutting sharpness?

ANSWER: Hi Hank,

Short answer - no, not razor sharp.

Indeed, the 'Hira-Niku' profile of the blade (which means it is like an 'appleseed bevel' rather than a flat 'V') makes the Tenchi and SGC swords feel a little dull if you touch them with your thumb.

But slide the thumb against the blade, and you are going to need stitches or even microsurgery.

You can see the difference between blade profiles here:


The idea is to have a sword that is sharp enough to use frequently on traditional targets without having to worry about re-sharpening too often (if at all). And as you can see by this recent Cheness video here, they are more than sharp enough to do the job...

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