How to disassemble stubborn katana.

by Elijah

QUESTION: I've taken apart katanas before but for some reason I am having problems with one specific sword. It is a "handmade sephiroth masamune." I've tried using a splint and wooden mallet to loosen the tang out of the handle but it wouldn't budge. Could the extra long tang be causing an extreme amount of friction or is there glue involved? If there is, is there a way to tell and still dismantle the sword?

ANSWER: I had the same thing happen with some of the budget Musashi swords. My feeling is that they are glued, and trying to force it out is never a good thing (I gave up).

To be honest, having them glued/expoied is not a bad thing on swords of this price range.

And unfortunately, there is no way to tell if it is glued or not unless you are willing to destroy it...

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by: Anonymous

I'm willing to destroy mine. The sword is good for the price, but it's not nearly as good as I had expected. The sword is actually just a high quality, functional, replica that I got from I'll see if I can figure out what's wrong with it and post and answer here.

by: Anonymous

The core is wood. The tang has a "hook" built into the profile about halfway down, and the recess in the wood has a corresponding "hook" so that the tang can not slip out of the wood. The glue is an additional security.

I'm going to take this thing apart..

how to realy take it apart
by: jumbowrestler67

take the end cover at the end of the handle off (you may have to prie it off with vice grips) the unscreww the bolt and pull the blade right off

by: Anonymous

NOONES sword should have bolts in it, POORLY made katanas/ko-katanas/Tantos will have bolts in them and are NOT safe for anything. True Swords are made with mekugi (bamboo pegs) wich go right through the Tsuka (Handle) and the Tang (end of blade), wich are slightly offset so that when you lightly tap them through with your brass hammer. It will pull and fit tightly together. Remove the mekugi with your brass hammer. Hold the blade straight up in the air facing away from you. hold the base with your right hand, then hit your right hand downwards with your left hand while holding the tsuka. This should loosen the tang from the tsuka. Would like further explaination of how to remove a blade from the tsuka if it still does'nt come out. Never heard of glue being used.

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