How to tell the production date of your Paul Chen PPK

QUESTION: I just purchased the Paul Chen PPK (practical Plus Katana), and I am wondering how to tell whether its a first or second generation blade. I'm concerned becuase I am a practicing martial artists and will be using it in my dojo. One thing I have noticed that this Katana is shiped in two difference boxes. One box is black with a bamboo pattern, and the other has a life sized photo of its contents i.e., PPK. I have the latter. It this any indication of this production date?

Bob C.


To be honest, I've kind of lost track of the 'classic series' generations of PPK, simply because the new performance models are just so much better...

As such, my only real advise at this point is to contact Hanwei directly:


Sorry I couldn't be of more specific help.

- Paul

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