I just use whats around the house.....

by _Torgeson
(Orlando Fl)

I generally clean my weapons with windex, degreasers, or metalic polishes (aka shilly shine). Though the method is really great for around the house, i discovered something that took less effort, and components. My friend began selling for cutco (the knife selling company) and she brought her baldes over for a demo (sale). She used this cloth they gave her and lightly wiped the blades clean. now granted they were already brand new, I took my viking sword < which had prints and what not, and used her cloth to clean the blade. I was astounded. The little cloth gave it such a beutiful finish to it. I can say i can use that sword as a mirro.

so besides at home products, use a knife polishing cloth. It does wonders.

Also a theory i want tested, have you seen that infomercial on tv for the window cleaner? that lime green cloth on a stick? anyway i'm curious if that would clean the blade. let me know if any of you have tried it.
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