I need a Scabard

by James Hart
(Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA)

QUESTION: About a year ago I purchased a Generation 2 Pro Ranger Sword. My first real sword, and I am very happy with the sword itself. However, the scabard was warped when I got it, and has not cracked about mid way down. And I can no longer use it. What I need is a new scabard, but am unable to find a direct way to contact Generation 2. Can any one help me.

Also what do you think of Cold Steel Swords?

ANSWER: Hi James,

You can find contact details for Generation 2 here at the SBG sister site Sword Manufacturers Guide.com - but another option for scabbards would have to be Brian from DBK swords.

Brian got his start on the SBG Sword Forums and does some fantastic work for incredible prices. Check out his site here

As to Cold Steel, well - some of their swords are great - others not so much.. There are several reviews of their blades on SBG that highlight some of their better models. Many are a bit overly heavy, and all are very sharp.

Hope this helps.

- Paul

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