I would like a a katana tsuba and fittings custom made.

by Jason wiser
(Clearfield, utah. USA)

I know this sounds odd and unfitting to katana owners, but I would very much like a custom tsuba and fittings designed after the the symbols of the knights templar to install onto one of my katanas.

Can you point me in the right direction for this process or let me know if anyone will even do it?
Thank you! J.Wiser

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Not an easy task..
by: Paul

This might be a challenge and will either be very time consuming or expensive for you I am afraid..

Crafting a tsuba from scratch is quite expensive, as usually there is a minimum order requirement of around 100pcs before any commercial koshirae maker (the word for "sword furniture") will talk to you, and anyone who WILL make a custom set is going to set you back up to $1000 or so..

Here are some custom Koshirae makers who could do it:

Ford Hallam

Legacy Swords.com


Otherwise, the only option is to make the tsuba yourself, which is not all that hard and instructions can be found on our site here

So basically, it will either be a rather expensive endeavor or will require some extensive DIY work..

by: Anonymous

You could have a custom jeweler do it. Someone who makes pendants.

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