I'd like a short review or thoughts on a sword

by Robert

QUESTION: CAS Hanwei Practical Plus XL Light Katana Is a sword I'm considering buying, I've looked up and down your site, and you have a review of a similar katana, but not this one, from what I've read here and other places this new version sword is considerably better, and I'd like any thoughts or opinions you may have on this particular katana and how well it would rate given SBG's system. also, it was mentioned on your review of the sister sword, the Hanwei Practical XL Light Katana, it was stated that the Hamon was acid etched, I was wondering if the Sword i'm interested in (CAS Hanwei Practical Plus Xl Light Katana) is real or fake as far as Hamon is concerned.

ANSWER: Hi Robert,

There is no difference between the blade of the XL and the Plus XL, the only difference is in the quality of the fittings (though it is significant, as the plastic ito is not pretty and the psuedo suede nothing like the cotton of the Plus).

The hamon on both is actually real, but it is acid etched to bring out the detail. Those who have polished it out have found that it tends to follow the same line - so it's not 'fake' per se, more like 'enhanced'. Some like it, others don't.

But whichever way you look at it, it is differentially hardened, and that is what counts more than the cosmetic details.

Hope this helps.

- Paul

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