Identification of a Japanese Sword

by Reece Paans
(Melbourne, Australia)

QUESTION: I have found a small sword I believe it is Japanese in origin.

The blade is approximately 10" long and sleek and very sharp, manufactured from carbon steel as it has some mild surface rust.

The sheath and handle are made from bone and are elaborately carved with Japanese pictures of Japanese culture (country).

Unfortunately the bone sheath is cracked.

Are you able to assist with a date/manufacturer/identifying this item.


It is a bit hard without a picture, however I think I have seen these blades before. Does it look anything like this?

Bone handled sword

(I imagine it does, as traditional swords and tanto were not actually made to this style)...

Anyway, these blades were made between around 1870 and the early 1930s and were sold as souveniers... I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but they are not real swords/blades by any stretch of the imagination - and have no special monetary value...

- Paul

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Need help identifying Japanese sword
by: Rob

Hi, my friend recently found a Japanese should in a rafter of a building that was going to be torn down and wondered if I could research and identify it. It seems to be made from ho wood and the blade is approximately 30 inches long with Japanese writing on the scabbard. I can send photos. Thank you.

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