identity crisis

by Bernie & Ginny
(Danbury, CT, U.S.A)

hope this is it.

hope this is it.

QUESTION: hey Paul, how are you? just read the review for the ryumon dragon and i was so entralled we rushed out into the internet and bought one .............we hope.........very often, when reading reviews or threads and realizing if we want one of these, we better hurry, right? .............we go to our favorite sellers and then cannot precisely identify the sword because there wasn't a precise id in the review or the thread we just read..............and to top it all off, sometimes the recommended sellers may confuse matters more by incorporating the actual makers model number into a model or part number that they make up for themselves, i suppose, to confuse window shoppers, i don't know...........or it is a model number that has nothing to do with the makers original id model numbers.
our suggestion is for reviewers, proofreaders?, sellers, and everyone else involved to use the manufacturers original identifying numbers and quit dickin' around with ambiguous identifications...............we think the model number for the dragon by ryumon (there are several ryumon dragons by the way, more confusion)in question is RY3041 ...............we hope............we couldn't even use the weight to help us because everyone has different weights for the same model, oh no!!!.....what's a person to, we may be completely off the wall here but we didn't notice a definite model# in the review, did we miss it?

ANSWER: Hey guys, you raise an interesting point - especially as many sellers call the Katana they have by a different name and leave the actual model number out of the description.

It's actually the first time it has occured to me that a model number is a good idea.

The model number on this one is RY-3041 if that helps. :-) When I have a free moment I'll try to go through the various reviews and add model numbers where they have them. ^_^

Thanks guys, and talk again soon.


- Paul

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Ryumon 3041
by: Bueler

Thank you for the confirmation. After reading the review and raiding my mad cash I had the exact same question.

it's a very nice sword
by: from bernie & ginny

don't mention it............pleased to be of service........have fun, be safe, God bless.

by: Mydtys

Hey about the blade of this sword, i can't decide between this and the PK katana, almost same price but this one claims authenticity and i'd ratter to own this one instead of the PK, however i'm going to use it for exesive cuttings and i dont want the blade or the Tsuka to fail just like my masahiro did, Can you tell me please if the blade in this katana is as good as the blade and handling in the PK katana?
Awesome Website, continue with the good job here!

Rumon Dragonfly Katana
by: Anonymous

Anyone have any input about the RY-3047? Based on comparison to my Hanbon wak, the Rumon seems to have more niku. but it cost half as much as the hanbon, so now I'm worried about proper blade geometry. Please let me know if you guys with more experience could give me any feedback. Thanks in advance!

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