Imperial Forge Limited Edition Folded Steel Katana IF1000LTD vs Hanwei 30th Anniv. Musashi Katana

by Al
(Phoenix AZ)

Hello, I have done hours of research on line. I want a quality folded katana for looks,toughest,sharpness. in the 750- 1000 dollar range. I want to learn how to properly use and cut with it. Also any recommendations on schools in Phoenix AZ area would be appreciated.
Of these two katanas which would you choose?

Imperial Forge Limited Edition Folded Steel Katana IF1000LTD.

Hanwei 30th Anniv. Musashi Katana PC2490. I like a simple theme and more traditional blade shape.

All opinions and help welcome. Thanks, Al

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Pros and Cons
by: Paul

Hi Al,

Quite a good question - both of these swords are quite close to each other in terms of quality, price and value for money.

As you probably know, the IF1000LTD, also known as the "Kesshi" was reviewed and tested on SBG earlier this year here and my only real complaints were I did not feel that the fittings were quite as nice as they should be on a sword of this price, but the blade itself was quite traditional and proved to be a good cutter on standard targets.

On the other hand, the 30th Anniversary Musashi - has the kind of premium quality fittings you would expect for a sword in the $800 price range. Blade wise, both are quite similar in style and functionality - so essentially it boils down to a matter of personal preference - i.e. which style of blade and hamon you personally like, what curvature preference you may have and if you like a full vs partial bo-hi..

Price wise, the lowest legitimate price on the Kesshi is $749.99 plus shipping (MSRP $1399.99) while the 30th Anniversary Musashi is $879.99 (MRSP $1300) so the Kesshi is about $130 less expensive - clearly savings applied from using less flashy fittings on a decent, high end blade..

So at the end of the day, unless one of the designs is calling to you more than the other and it boils down to the blade quality and price - the Kesshi is likely the better buy, but the Musashi may well be worth the extra coin for the complete package.

Hope this helps.

- Paul

Thank You!!
by: Al

Paul, I just wanted to thank you for the quick response and insightful answer. You have a first rate web site. I think I'm going with the Hanwei 30th Anniv. for the whole package. Thank You again, Al

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