In tassie need cutting mats

QUESTION: Love you site, great too see someone in Aus doing something so good. My question is, Im after cutting mats, but cant seem to find them anywhere,
any ideas,

ANSWER: G'day Rick,

Trust me - cutting mats are EXTREMELY hard to get hold of in Australia. I used to order direct from Mugen Dachi ( - but now postal restrictions in the US mean that due to the size of the boxes, it can't be shipped...

More recently, I have been buying pre-rolled mats from 'Keen Mirror' - which are the same as the Mugen Dachi ones, only pre-rolled. Last time I bought 8 1/2 mats and 2 full ones and had them shipped via Access USA. Total cost from Keen Mirror to Access was $58.24 - plus another US$111 to ship them to Australia, which comes out to be around US$14 per half mat... Pretty expensive...

Just last month, Aussie sword seller Global Gear have started selling 'tatami mats' at around $25 each I think. But they look like beach mats! So I think, the only way is to do what I do and go the half mats via Access...

Expensive, but when it comes to cutting - nothing else compares... :-)


- Paul

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