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by Michael

This was purchased for about $600 and feels and looks great. The steel seems to be high carbon and it just looks and feels very real as opposed to fake junk. But the only marking is a very small engraved word "Italy". It was described as a museum replica ( a good thing?) - and it does seem real. Is there any way to find out more about this sword based on so little information written on the sword itself? Any information appreciated.

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Without pics it is hard but..
by: Paul

It is very hard to provide more info on this Viking sword without pics. However, there are a couple of clues that may be able to lead us to a successful identification.

The clues are it is made in Italy and described as a Museum Replica.. From the 1970s to the late 1990s, Museum Replicas was a mail order company run by Hank Reinhardt and co who used to sell functional swords primarily from one seller, Del Tin Armi Antiche - who are, you guessed it, based in Italy..

My guess then that this is an early Del Tin sword sold by Museum Replicas.

You can see a selection of Del Tin swords here at Kult of Athena

Chances are you will not see the exact same sword, but you may be able to recognize the style. Price wise they are now between $400 to $600, so $600 was a bit expensive for a second hand sword. However, that said, it is likely you have a sword that is no longer in production and represents a bit of "modern day sword history" so it is not like you were ripped off.

Hope this puts you on the right track.

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