by MC

So I was told to find you guys from my friend. He claims that Damascus steel is the worst thing ever and I want to defend that claim. Being from Syria itself, I know these kinds of swords. Heck, I even USED one and they don't cut f*cking bread! Jars of dates, wood, animals, Toyota Corollas and even glass! I could go on and on but I don't want to. So my question is: Can you give a better excuse for sh*t talking Damascus Steel? If not, then take down that stupid excuse of an insult.

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Please read the article..
by: Paul

I do recommend you read/re-read the article - I clarified what real Syrian Damascus steel is and know full well it is great quality.

What I am referring to is the term being used by modern sword makers for FOLDED STEEL - so the insult is coming from them, not from me and I never said that real Damascus steel is poor quality - quite the opposite if you read the article.. (it is in the first few paragraphs).

If you wish to comment further, please read the article first.

Cordially and Respectfully,
- Paul

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