Iron for a sword?

by Roxy

QUESTION: Okay, so I am in the process of constructing a sword for a show that I am going to be in next year, the swords requirements are such that the sword must be able to extend as well as contract to its original form. Without going into the oh so long details of its construction, I need to find a metal that will be durable (for a prop piece, I don't need it to be battleready) but also magnetic. I know iron is magnetic, but that would be HEAVY!!!! Any suggestions for any metals that would be magnetic and durable but not quite so... arm breaking? I have to wield this thing and I'm not exactly She-hulk..


Sounds quite tricky! I've a few ideas, but to be honest I am not sure how practical they might be - and indeed, there are folk on the SBG Sword Forums who will have a better answer and can help walk you through the process too.

Have a chat, I'm sure they will be able to offer you many helpful suggestions:

SBG Sword Forum - Sword Making Sub Forum

- Paul

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