Is iron tiger forge a good brand

by Kyle

I was wondering if iron tiger forge had good products, especially their cheaper model jians. Do they hold up well like hanwei and cold steel or do they just have cheap products that break easily? I was wondering if I would be able to use one of their jians for martial arts practice.

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Should be decent quality
by: Paul

I haven't handled any of these personally, but I know the owner of the forge in Longquan where they are made and they should be pretty decent quality overall. Comparable to Hanwei and KoA do stand by their products, so you should not have any problems with these.

id say so.
by: Anonymous

id say so. i see them making the sanmai and soshu kitei and they do have lamination lines so no lies, unlike others i could mention (coughtsunamitigercough). and id say anything is better than cold steel.

I'd say yes
by: Jonathan Graifer

I own one of their lower end dao (folded liuyedao), and I like it a lot. I haven't tried cutting it, but there is a test cutting video on youtube, and I think thier work is fine.

Great quality, low price.
by: Anonymous

I own an iron tiger forge Katanga. Everything was tight and very well put together. The blade is perfect. The sword fits and stays securely in the saya. Only issue is that one end of the sageo has started to fray after very little handling. Overall I an extremely satisfied with it. Very high quality for such a low price ($330). If kult of Athena ever gets the ITF nami wakizashi back in stock I will certainly be a repeat customer, as it will make the perfect companion for my Katana.

They don't sell directly overseas
by: Anonymous

here's their website in China

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