Is oiling the sword blade a must in the case of it not being used much?

QUESTION:Stupid question, I know. I have been a more or less casual sword collector with only stainless steel wallhangers and such. Several months ago I received a good carbon steel katana. It is a handmade version of Bill's sword from Kill Bill. Really nice piece, great fittings and the blade is razor sharp with a nice hamon. Now, the sword was oiled when I got it and there is some oil the in the scabbard I believe, because I wipe some clumps off when I got it, re sheathed it and pulled it out with a little film of oil on it again.

I haven't oiled it since I got it, but I haven't done any cutting with it, nor have I touched the blade really. I have it in its sheath on display and the temperature and humidity have been low (Maine).

Summer is closing in and I am concerned about the heat and humidity. I plan on getting the proper sword care tools anyways, but do I have to worry about rushing it? Or should I be fine for a while?
The blade is still in the exact same condition as when I got it.

P.S. I really love your site. It was a godsend when I stumbled across it. I am planning on getting the Cold Steel shamshir eventually, hence me planning on getting the proper sword care kit.

ANSWER: I think when it comes to sword care, people make it a bit more complicated than it needs to be... ;-)

You don't need a special sword kit for it at all, simply maintain a fine layer of oil on it at all times. If it gets really hot and you think that it may start to 'sweat' then just check it until you get an idea of what the environment is doing to the oil.

But pretty much all the info you need to know is on my site HERE

Hope this helps!

- Paul

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