is that rust???

by sebastian blank
(findlay OH)

QUESTION: Well a few days ago i bought a hiryuu katana ($60musashi) so today i go out to cut some leaves of the bushes so my sword get all nasty so i tried to clean it with WD-40 and i didn't work so i use ''The Works'' (tha't's the name of the spray) because it say ''cleans rust'' I didnt have any at that point but when i sprayed in the blade it dried pretty quickly then when i tried to clean the waste that this spray leave it dindt como out and now my blade have marks of the dried spray and they are turning kind of brown
is that rust? how can i get rid of those marks?
thank you so much forgive my english

ANSWER: Hi Sebastian,

There are several ways to remove rust from your swords. Two that I personally use include a product called 'CLR' which is pretty strong stuff, and you need to use it and wash it off quickly.

Otherwise, for smaller stains - and to keep control of the results some metal glo and a cloth (or 3M scotch brite pad for stubborn stains, lol - sounds like an ad!) works wonders.

You can also find some more tricks and tips on the main site in the Sword Care Section

Hope this helps.

- Paul

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by: B.A.Miron

did you wipe the excess oil or grease that may have been on the sword from the forge?

what kind of leaves were they? what kind of plant? there are plants that will stain steel, remember that many plants contain what are called alkaloids and contain a "base" that can be as strong as many acids when concentrated.......these alkaloids are generally contained in the leaves (i.e. cocaine, brucine, poison oak, poison ivy (name of an actual musashi sword) different nightshades, belladonna, etc)

i think it was the spray!!
by: sebastian blank

thanks for your response!!! I'll never cut leaves again knowing this, but when i cleaned the sword it was fine but when i put that thing ''the works'' (the nozzel wasn't working so i open the container and apply the liquid with the tube of the nozzel) the stains are exactly the same as the amount of liquid i put on the blade
i hope you all can understand my englishthanks for answering!

by: BAMiron

don't give it a thought, your english is fine...........try some fine machine oil...we use Sid Harvey's "Extendo", i know, it's a very funny name, and some fine steel wool or 400 or 600 grit sandpaper like Paul prefers, and try to work it in on the stains........the oil and friction may lift the stains up or at least dilute them so you can blend them with metal-glo(from swords of might or someplace) definitely sounds like the organic compounds in the leaves mixed with your unusual rust remover and actually caused and/or heightened the stains...........another old fashioned metal stain remover is boiling water and liquid(dish)soap (boiled together, do not inhale the vapor, ventilate well while you are doing it).......the last and probably most harsh metal stain lifter is kerosene heated with boiling water...DO NOT, /not, /not heat kerosene on a stove.......this works with might try it on a piece of junk carbon steel first, not precisely sure about fine carbon steel- a blacksmith's suggestion......these first remedies have worked for me with tree sap stains......good luck....time is of the essence here as well, i think.

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