is the shinwa brand a trusted sword brand

by hugo
(pasadena tx )

QUESTION: I saw a katana on a web site that is $289 that is made by the shinwa name and the sword supposedly is made of damascus steel and I wanted to ask if that type of steel is powerful, durable, and trustworthy of not breaking.


I get asked about these swords a fair bit. But to be honest, I am not impressed. There are much better choices for the same amount of money. They aren't last on my list, but they aren't far from the bottom...

My $0.02 - by something else.

Hope this helps.

- Paul

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What's the deal with Shinwa?
by: Anonymous

Not to be a wise guy but, you've stated in a few different posts that you haven't tried or tested these blades, however, you give them a really low rank. What is it about these blades that you don't like? Thanks.

by: Paul Southren

Several reasons.

1) Their $89.99 STAINLESS STEEL swords are classified under a heading which suggeststhey are: "designed for ultimate performance"... But those ones are ornamental swords only...

2) Marketing Hype Overload just turns me right off. "Wrap your palm around the cord wrapped, hardwood grip and feel the unimaginable power a hand forged, custom-built sword has to offer." Not only has me wondering what is custom-built about a production sword, but it's just a bit rich. Add to this phrases like: "hand forged at over 1000 degrees and has been folded over 2000 times" just show that they don't know what they are talking about...

3) Some of the colors used in the fittings are truly gut wrenchingly bad... ;-)

And that's just getting warmed up...

So yeah, they just don't warrant further investigation at this point - at least not for me...


- Paul

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