I have a real bone to pick with any deal that advertises any sword at good prices but does not indicate whhether a sword is in stock until you have already have sent them your credit card number, total costs, and by each sword, whether it is stock, on back order,and/or out of stock. This happened to me with this dealer, and I don't care how highly rated it is on this site, which makes one wonder just how objective this site really is,to not to mention it nor cite this as a problem. I went through "snits" with this site over one sword I had ordered, found out it was out of stock, after it had been charged to my account, otherwise I'd not ordered it, and NO ONE had a clue when it might arrive. After having to mention the Attorney General Consumer Protection Unit for this state, I got a "brief note" saying "no one knows" and ofereing me a swap, after I informed them I didn't think that would sit well with the AGs office..By this time, a swap was absured and an insult to me. I do not do any business with any business that does not clearly cite if a sword is in stock or out of stock, and will think twice if it is cited "on back order", been waiting to hear for that one sword for 5 months that was labeled "on back order"..It might be a highly rated site by the folks at SBG but I would tell anyone to think twice before risking their monies and ordering a sword that might not even exist with the site advertising it.

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