Is this a good katana?

by Johannes

Hejsan! (the swedish way to say Hi)

I know that it is hard to just look at a website and say if a katana is "good" or "bad", but you know more about swords than I do, so could you please have a look at this:

The website seem to have a lot of unexpensive swords that look awesome, but this is the first time I saw any of these katanas. Is that good or bad?

I am looking for the perfect katana (we all do). Beautiful, charp, sheap and made the correct way, but i have found out that you have to pay a lot for a katana like that...=(
......But now when i found this website......

Thanks a lot

ANSWER: Hi Johannes,

What really worries me about this particular piece is that they list the weight at 1.1lb without saya, and 2.9lbs with. That doesn't make sense - unless they mean the weight of the bare blade - but then I can't figure out what they are saying...

This plus a few things other things worry me about their business practices, such as some seriously overpriced swords at their higher end that really bothers me in general.

A such, I probably wouldn't personally get it as it is a bit of an unknown - and at that price point, it's a bit of a risk...

If you wish to be a pioneer and try it out though, be sure to tell us what you find! But if not, I recommend sticking to better known brands...

- Paul

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