is this a scabbard?

Hi everyone. I was out collecting firewood today on our local beach at the mouth of the river Spey in scotland and I came across this piece of struck me as scabbard shaped basic but well made. the condition is very poor but I thought if it is a scabbard i should share it with the sword community. anyway you will probably be able to tell one way or the other. My pics are a bit poor too, if required i'll try and do some better ones!i enjoyed this website, many talented craftspeople and beautiful swords, yours,keith

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Interesting find..
by: Paul

That is an interesting find, and it does indeed look like a scabbard from the pic. Though it is very unlikely to be an antique of any kind, as leather simply does not survive long enough when exposed to the elements, unless it was frozen in a block of ice or something and recently thawed out..

You never know..

But it does look like a scabbard..

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