Is this for real?

by Saul

Hey Paul,

There is a site that quoted you on the same page that they made an unbelievable offer on a sword you rated. The sword in question was the Musashi Yasha. You said it was around $2000 for the 4000 layer version. They are offering it for $775. This could be due to the economic troubles of late or a drastic price drop in the time since your review, but mostly it just seems too good to be true. So I was wondering whether or not you knew them since they used your review and knew if they were trustworthy.

Here's the link in case you're interested:

(I know your rules say no web adresses, but I figured this is non-commercial/non-prmotional, you might want to know who is using your name, and you need to know the place I'm talking about to check it out. So please don't ban me...)


ANSWER: Hi Saul,

It could be - though the price must have really dropped since then as the price quoted is well below the wholesale price that it was originally selling for...

Not very happpy about Real Armour of God making a mock up page using SBG material like that without at least providing the courtesy of a link... But that is another story...

Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

- Paul

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