Is this online sword okay?

by Elliot
(Sydney, NSW, Australia)

I found this listing on eBay for a Scottish Broad Sword. It says the blade is 1060 High Carbon Tempered Spring Steel, but doesn't provide any details as to the tang and tempering (I have messaged them re. this on ebay). I do not need a top quality sword, but I do need it to be usable (but affordable!), as I am part of a historical swordfighting club. Could anyone please advise me as to what they think of it?
Ebay: Brass Basket Hilt Scottish Sword

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If it is the one I think it is..
by: Paul

I am pretty sure I know this sword and have one myself that I bought many years ago.

It has been doing the rounds for years and is made in India, I believe by one of the contractors that Windlass Steecrafts uses, and for the price is an exceptional piece of steel.

Good carbon steel blade, decently put together - nice metal scabbard, probably the own downside is that it is not sharpened and the lining of the handguard is not stitched in there so well. But for the overall quality and price, it is certainly not a deal breaker.

If it is the one I think it is (and I am pretty sure that it is) - it's great value.


DONT TRY IT . Do not trust it . i own over 657 swords and i know for a fact that this will no turn out well for you. you need to trust me . my number is 719-494-9294 if anybody needs anything ok folks . Thank you . Again i am an expert. do not trust this at all

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