is this sword any good?

by Brian Etzel
(N.Y. United States)

yoro dragon forged katana

yoro dragon forged katana

QUESTION: I was looking at this new united cutlery sword and it seems like a good sword to me but I'd like a professional oppinion. This is the link where the sword can be found. It is also for sale on but as I said I'm no expert and I wanted your advice

ANSWER: Hi Brian,

The jury is still out on this sword, however it does seem to be making all the right noises. The only concern is the price, you'd want to get it for a lot less than the $332 MSRP ($169 at Trueswords is a lot more realistic).

I may have to try one of these out myself, not so much because I think it will be revolutionary, but rather just to see first hand what UC are doing with this line. They are well known for being consistent with their QC, and if they have translated this across to their new functional line, that is good news for Katana enthusiasts. But like I said, it remains to be seen (if you get one before I do, be sure to submit a review somewhere!).


- Paul

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