Is this sword of any value?!


Around 20 years ago I purchased the attached sword from an "antiques" market in China and although I am aware it is only a decorative piece I wondered if it would have any value to it?

I've seen some similar for sale fairly cheap online, which I assume are recently made, so hoped that maybe age/design dictates a higher value.

Apologies for probably asking a silly question but just on the off chance I'd like to have an educated opinion on the sword before I do anything with it!


Mark McGenity

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Fairly Generic..
by: Paul

Hi Mark,

As they say, the only silly questions is the one that is not asked..

The sword in question looks like a fairly generic fantasy display sword and even though it may have been made 20 years ago, these type of swords do not appreciate in value.

There is not any particular market demand so aside from any sentimental value it has, it is not more valuable than comparative swords made recently I am afraid to say.

Possible ID
by: Anonymous

It may, MAY, be an older Kit Rae, so it might have a bit of value to someone who collects that kind of decorative item, but there are also a large number of knockoffs of his designs, so be aware of that possibility.

I considered this possibility but..
by: Paul

I did indeed consider if it was a Kit Rae design or not. But I don't think it is - from the Kit Rae website:

Kit's designs are some of the most imitated and copied designs in the knife and sword industry. The authentic originals are marked on the blades with the Kit Rae sword logo, and a KR or UC number is marked on the back of each blade. Each includes a parchment certificate (except some early knives and Kit's sporting knives), and the packaging is clearly marked with the Kit Rae logo and trademarks. Each Kit Rae sword includes poster print of Kit's art. If it is missing any of these it is likely a fake. There are several identifying markings on authentic Kit Rae blades. HERE is a simple blade marking guide.

Because it was purchased in China though, and does not bear any of the Kit Rae trademarked designs, plus the general style which suggests strongly it is a generic fantasy design, I think we can probably rule it out as being an early Kit Rae sword.

by: Mark

Thanks a lot for the advice. Ill see if anyone is able to take a closer look and keep my fingers crossed that it is a Kit Rae!

Keep us posted!
by: Paul

No problems Mark, you may want to contact Kit Rae directly - if it is one of his he will probably tell you.

Contact Kit Rae

Keep us posted and good luck!

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