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I wanted to thank you for putting out a no nonsense guide to swords. I have been asked many questions about the best none expensive cutters and practice swords but how could I answer? I have not used or evaluated all the offerings available. Your site has given input from people who own the sword, who tested the swords and is a great tool on the internet for sword enthusiasts. Thanks for getting it done and doing it right!

ANSWER: Thanks! :-) There's still a lot more work to be done, but I'm glad you are getting some value out of it so far.


- Paul

Paul Freeman
Senior Level Instructor
Matsumura Shorin Ryu Karate

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I was thinking
by: Shorinmonk

I have been forging knives for a numjber of years and have been machining titanium for around 16 years as a aerospace machinist. I was considering making some tsuba out of 6-4 Titanium. Do you think the weight difference would matter much in the feel of the blade? I can harden 6-4 to around 48 - 54 rockwell. That would make an almost undamageable tsuba, inho. I could also make just about any design on it I wanted before I heat treated it. Would there be a market for these? Where would I find a pattern to follow for the modern made swords that come in the wooden scabbards (shirasaya)? It would be interesting to be able to place a custom image on a Tsuba. Say if you had a nickname and wanted a tsuba that displayed the image of it, or you were a big dragon fan, ect.

Paul Freeman
Senior Level Instructor
Matsumura Shorin Ryu

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