Kashira on Tenchi

by Robert

Hi Paul, I've ordered my tenchi a while back and I noticed everything was perfect except for the kashira (buttcap) of the handle. I was examining it and when I tried to see if it was properly tight, it didn't seem like it was. It kind of jiggled but it did not come off, thank goodness for that. I was just wondering, what should I do in this manner? Should I worry? Should I just let it be? Order a new blade? Hopefully you can give me a better suggestion and I do not wish to send the katana back. I hope you can answer soon. thanks.

ANSWER: Hi Robert,

It isn't truly a serious problem and a common 'issue' on production swords at this price range (and beyond actually, including Oni Forge, Last Legend, etc).

The reason why it occurs in the first place is that when using aftermarket fittings (such as the Kashira) it is not always possible that every sword within a given batch's components will be a perfect fit.

Unless it starts to become looser over time, I wouldn't worry about it too much. But if it is of particular concern, you can get a dab of epoxy and apply it under there - many sword makers in this price range do this as standard.

Hope this helps.

- Paul

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Another option
by: Anonymous

Another option if you're comfortable with the transfer is buying a new handle from Cheness.

Some of the most Reasonably price Tsuka that I've found.

Jason Roland.

tsuba wrapping
by: Kit

Hi Paul. Love your site. My question is there a place i can go to to find out how to finish the tie on my wakazashi? It has come undone and i don't know how to finish the tie. HELP! It is from Razorsharpkatana. 1060 carbon and twenty inch cutting edge.

Thanks, Kit

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