Kaze a.k.a "tatami killer" vs. SGC which is better for tatami killing?

by Malik
(Michigan, USA)

QUESTION: I have bought 2 swords from the sbg store so far. A hanwei XL blade and a tenchi. So I have one monosteel and one differentially hardened blade. Since Paul Southern is so cool, I want to buy another sword from the SBG store. This needs to be a dedicated tatami killer. I'm talking 3 rolls of mugen dachi tatami cutting every other day. Trying to decide between the kaze and SGC, both have a reputation for being serious tatami omote cutter. Which one to get? A simple short answer will do, just need something to tip the scale in favor of kaze or SGC :)

ANSWER: Hey Malik,

Well, as a short answer - hmm - for a traditional blade, the Kaze is the best choice. For overall performance, the SGC does it even easier (as this is what it was designed to do). So as far as performance goes, SGC wins. ;-)


- Paul

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