Kaze Katana Superb Choice!

by CC Mullins
(Raleigh, NC, USA)

After many weeks of research at site upon site, I stumbled upon this one. I'll tell you right now, what Paul says in his reviews is NOT CRAP.

I received my Kaze Katana today and I knew I was holding a real sword before I got it out of the bag. The blade holds tight in the saya. The wrap is tight and uniform. The saya looks like a black mirror. All the little details are there and in grand order. Simply gorgeous hamon. The blade has an adequate amount of lubricant already applied.

I haven't cut with it due to the fact of not having a proper maintenance kit yet. Cutting will be done in due time, trust me. Not to forget the props that Cheness gets for the beautiful display box and the nice way the whole package was put together. Simplicity sometimes speaks volumes.

I am so in love with this katana and I haven't even had it 24 hours. So if you've been eyeing up the Kaze, I can now say from experience that you won't be disappointed. Domo Paul from SBG & Cheness Cutlery!! Job well done.

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