Kaze vs. Ninjato

by Robert
(Clovis, Ca, U.S.)

QUESTION: The ninjato is sharper but not as durable. It is brittle, but what exactly does that mean? You cant hit as hard of objects as you can with the kaze or it will crack?

ANSWER: Hi Robert,

When comparing the Kaze Katana review vs the Hanwei Ninjato it is important to remember that both of these swords have radically different blade lengths and geometries, as well as different steel used in their construction, so it is a bit hard to compare them in some respects.

However, in general - yes, the Kaze's 9260 blade is more resistant to chipping and snapping than the Hanwei Ninjato. But the Ninjato is indeed a tad sharper, faster and more lethal if used correctly - while the Kaze is essentially a better 'all rounder'.

Hope this makes sense.

- Paul

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