Kill Bill Hanzo sword

by sean wells
(Sydney Australia)

QUESTION: Why is there no true reproduction of the kill bill hanzo Bride sword? None of them include the proper ornaments on each side of the handle nor do they include the proper symbol on the sheath among other things. Yet they all say it is exactly as in the movie.

ANSWER: I know exactly what you mean, it is a bit strange that they don't pay attention to details - all of them get it a bit wrong...

But the thing is, I think as most of them were cashing in on the craze at its height, and people were buying them in a bit of frenzy back in the day - they didn't care, they were just churning them out as fast as they could...

But perhaps now someone will create an authentic one now that the mania has died down. Time will tell...

- Paul

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by: Robert Pero

I feel your pain as a huge Kill Bill fan. From what Ive seen...its Bill's sword that gets the wrong treatment more so than the Bride. I ordered both of these recently from Both are fully functional and very close to the movie counterparts. I guess its what we Kill Bill fans have to settle

In the UK you can't even buy the curved swords

In the UK, the situation is hella crazy. Curved blades have been banned for sale in 2009, so there are only the straight versions of the Kill Bill swords available and lets be honest here, they aint great. The one is the link above does not even appear to have the emblem on the blade, how bad is that?

kill bill the bride sword
by: beamer1979

Its true that the strait sword replica looks like crap, i wouldnt buy it at all.
The lion inscription is cheaply added on the blade.
Lucky for me i have managed to buy a full battle ready Masahiro Bride sword with cleaning kit piano finish wooden sword stand, cleaning kit, cloth sword bag and wooden case included.
I think this is one of the best replicas around, hand forged and razor sharp!
I live in Holland and was hard to get hands on this sword but im very proud to own it.

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