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Bought all my stuff there. Great services, and good prices.

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Jul 28, 2009
rose colored glasses
by: Anonymous

you know, i'm getting kind of tired of hearing all this perfume about KOA .........let me explain why........sometimes when a company has been lucky or has actually garnered a good track record, they are reticent to step up when they do err.........as evidence i offer up the troubles and lawsuits collected and cast by microsoft, NVIDIA, HP, DELL, sony, directtv, comcast cable, dish network, the american mortgage industry, cridit card companies, the chinese capacitor industry, the list goes on and on............why koa is sacrosanct is lost on me.........i know because they did not step up for me when they made a mistake and when i mentioned it, everyone here attacked me for it.......thank you all for being so overwhelmed by your personal prejudices.

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