Koto Katana "Black Damascus 1065"

by Marko

I've been meaning to buy this sword but I'm not sure. It says it was once made of 1045 carbon steel but now it's 1065. The price stayed the same which is 310$ ( it's probably 20-30% cheaper in your country ). It also says it can be compared to some 600$ swords. Is that possible? Did you ever come across a sword like that?

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Better options available..
by: Paul

I am pretty sure that these are still 1045 carbon steel - it is sadly common practice these days to label a sword as 1060 or 1065 when it is in fact still 1045 - and if the price did not change, that is a sure sign that someone is messing around with the stats to increase their profits..

This alone is enough for me to red flag this sword, but from what I have heard, the tsukas are glued on (not advertised as such), hamon is wirebrushed and the price is just way to high for what you get.

I would recommend you avoid - I always get suspicious when I see swords around the $300 price point with money spent on the boxes, useless cleaning kits and branding stuff - style over susbstance and would much rather get a plain box and a good blade..

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