Kris Cutlery: Mono or Folded

by Matt
(North Carolina)

QUESTION: I've been through your site many times and have asked you about a certain edge geometry a while back. Anyway to "cut to the chase" as it were, I have been looking through the kriscutlery bare-blades and have found that folded and monosteel blades are very similar in price. I would like to know from your experience if any with this company and general knoledge of the folded v. mono debate which swords would be the better overall?

ANSWER: My experience with Kris Cutlery is limited, and I have heard stories from both ends of the spectrum, with many commenting that their blades are very tough and well made, to others saying that they are a little on the soft side.

Personally though, it all depends what you want the sword for. Monosteel cutters are generally more reliable and predictable, especially at this price point. As a display sword, the folded ones are much prettier, but there are NO folded swords in this price range that are better cutters than a monosteel (and indeed, even in the higher price ranges, folding - which was a process to minimize impurities in the steel - is something of an unecessary process due to the quality of modern steel.

Hope this helps.

- Paul

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kris folded katana
by: Anonymous

I just purchased a Kris cutlery 27 inch folded katana and my first impressions were that it had terrible geometry and one fatal flaw in the blade, however it is very sharp and for the price I doubt you could find a better blade.You abviously coulden't compare it to Nihonto or high end production blades.The test cut I did on a gallon jug of water was like cutting warm butter. I own high end folded blades from dynasty forge, Paul chen,one nihonto and purchased a Kris out of curiosity, and while this blade compares nothing to a high end katana it has it's use as a very good cutter that looks ok and you won't be affraid to use.The fittings were tight and the habaki fit well and there was no saya rattle. For the money......A very good buy!

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