Kult of Athena saying Legacy Arms' tempering is bad.. But is it true??

by Sirius
(Haysville KS, USA)

Kult of Athena says that the tempering of Legacy Arms' "Longer bladed swords" is too soft to be battle ready. I just recently ordered the Robert the Bruce Claymore, disregarding it, but now I'm thinking "What if they're right?" I know the Legacy Arms Excalibur, one of Paul's favorites, and also the one that has such a high review of working fantastically...

I know that KOA could very possibly be wrong, and that my claymore will be great, and I'm worrying about nothing, but I just want your guys' opinion. Thanks, have a great day!

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Don't quite agree but..
by: Paul

I don't completely agree with this - though I understand that they are erring on the side of caution.. (better to say a sword is not battle ready than to say it is when it is not..)

Compared to some other medieval sword replicas Filipino made swords like Legacy Arms are not as flexible and if you bend them too far they tend not to spring back where other swords, such as the RK Euro Line or swords by Windlass Steelcrafts, will. But they are on the whole quite battle ready and probably closer in tempering to a true medieval sword of the period.

The late Hank Reinhardt endorsed the line shortly before his untimely passing, and you can see in This review of the River Witham Sword which is not listed as battle ready on Kult of Athena cut a large variety of standard targets and stood up to over 100 cuts and thrusts on a tyre pell, so you really cannot ask for much more than that in a battle ready sword..

The Excalibur sword is 100% battle ready, no doubt about that.. Its HRC may not be quite as hard as other swords on the market these days, but for all intents and purposes, yeah - not a problem..

Koa gets it wrong sometimes
by: Brett

Koa does get it wrong sometimes. Not soon if their measurements are correct butbthats because all weapons that aren't machine stamped out are hand made and there are variations that way and koa doesn't measure every sword they have. I've only been doing sword study for a year both in manufacturing and in metallurgy. From what I've been told and see 50hrc is now considered too soft so is 53 though these are the closer tempers to the swords of old. This is because the metal still flexes around these tempers. Closer to 60 it becomes harder to do so. Edge retention is the wanted result while flexibility is needed so that it doesn't break. They are cryo freezing now bringing hrc to as high as 65 in knives and axes. Swords are yet to see this but it can be as high as 63 as you get in ronins elite.

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