Last Samurai Crap?

by Robin Ferger
(Akershus, Norway )

I bought the last, Last Samurai katana. That first sentence means I bought the last katana that was left of that type.
KOA promises good quality checks, however this carbon steel (1060) blade came dull. It was supposed to be hand sharpened and capable of cutting through paper, slash through the cardboard box it came in with ease, and maybe do some regulare tatami. The edge is so bad it only bends and breaks paper, it only cuts 1/6 into the cardboard box with 70-80% of my strength with a diagonal cut to a corner.

I really am disapointed, I know the unsharpened edge is Musashi's fault, but still they promise quality control and they have apparently not done any.

I really wanted to trust Musashi and KOA as they had good reviews on both ends and it was a long time since KOA had a bad review. I however can't be that nice when I had to pay 145 dollars if not more to get this katana and now I can't even use it for its intended use.

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