laws of buying a sword

QUESTION:: Ok I want to buy a sword at a mall in Oregon and the only problem is I'm under 18. Do i need a concealed weapons permit to carry it to my moms car? P.S. it's a Tensa Bankai of of Bleach, the anime.

ANSWER:The laws do vary quite a bit from state to state, country to country and I am not familiar with the specific laws applicable to Oregon.

As you are under 18 though, it is highly unlikely they will sell it to you in the first place.

Sorry I can't be of much more help, I suggest calling the store and asking them what the legal requirements are first hand, probably the easiest thing to do.

- Paul

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rules in oregon
by: Jimi

I am from Oregon and there aren't really any strict rules when it comes to cutlery and as for buying it the mall you don't need a concealed weapons permit the VERY tightly wrap them in tape and boxes and more tape to the point where they are at times frustrating to get out of the box... you should be fine. And as for buying in the mall I wouldn't you often get seriously ripped off.
hope this helped,

laws of buying a sword
by: Adam Pendragon

A Concealed Weapon Permit only applies to handguns; and no one under 18 can get a Concealed Weapon Permit anyway. That would be crazy!
But yes, if a legal gardian is with you, it is perfectly legal to carry it from the store to the car--no one would ever buy a sword if he had to leave it IN the store, and even cops know this. Just ask the store to wrap it up corectly. If it comes wrapped in clear plastic (like many do)you're good to go, just put it in a store bag as well. As long as you're not acting all macho and go straight to the car you should be fine; though being under 18 it would be best to let someone over 18 carry it for you.
But the best piece of advice I can give you is this: Call the District Attorney's office and ask to speak to an intern. He or She will be able to answer these questions better than anyone.

car trunks
by: Anonymous

Concerning the trunks of cars. I have heard the opposite. In North Carolina, if a weapon is in the trunk of a car, it is a legal carry as you cannot access it. In Georgia, when I was living there, the trunk of a car is the same as your house. One one occasion, when traveling to New Hampshire, and having heard of New York law, I call the state police concerning carrying large knives across the state. They said that if the knives were in the trunk I could get in no trouble. On the other hand, I have several times know of people getting arrested for having weapons in plain view in the back seat. Also, there are certain laws that make it more difficult to search
the trunk of a car than the interior.

want to byu a sword
by: Anonymous

I am 21 and use to live in Delhi can I buy a 9 inch sword

Im under 18 matter fact im only 12.
by: Ninja wannabe girl

I live in New Hampsure and want a katana sword but I'm 12 (I'm gonna be 13 in 32 days from now)is there a law against it?

by: Paul

For the question on swords in India - sharpened swords are prohibited by Indian import and export laws. They can (and do) ship blunt swords (ala Windlass Steelcrafts and Deepeeka to name the two biggest ones) but you cannot legally get a sharp sword there.

As to age - if you are under 18 you need parental permission - and they need to buy the sword and give it to you. But note that this is general advise, laws vary from state to state and country to country.

Sword Quality
by: NeoKnight

As Jimi said, it is very difficult to judge the quality of a sword you purchase online, but I just wanted to mention that Windlass swords are of very mixed quality, and Deepeeka is rather low quality. An excellent place to buy high quality (but rather expensive) swords is Albion Swords. They also have links to many other websites which cover a wide range of HEMA(Historical European Martial Arts) topics.

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