Looking at buying the kaze or tenchi ? but need help on some things

QUESTION: hi there my name is cody and i am really interested in the blades that cheness cutlery has to offer the two im looking at are the kaze and the tenchi. now i have had kendo training as well kenjutsu now im comparing the two and i guess im looking for a sword that is both able to cut like no other maintain the edge. now all around im looking for a sword that hypothetically speaking can go in to war as samurai and would be able to take some action

any ideas


kaze or tenchi give me your thoughts which is better pros and cons of both.

ANSWER: Hi Cody,

Personally, I think of the Tenchi as being something of a 'training sword' in that it is extremely forgiving and durable.

However, the Kaze is much more traditional and has a harder edge (that it will maintain for longer) so to sum up, I would say that if you are a beginner, or just like an extremely tough blade - the Tenchi would be the best choice. But if you have some decent technique, and want something that is more authentic - it is hard to beat the Kaze (though a really bad cut can screw it up, just like with all differentially hardened Katana, while the Tenchi would more likely than not just 'return to center').

Hope this helps.

- Paul

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