looking for a functional estoc

by richard

Just seeing if you know of any company's that make a good functional estoc.

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A rare type of sword these days
by: Paul

Estocs and Tucks are rather eclectic and do not have the same kind of broad appeal as most other European swords, which means that few sword makers are willing to take the risk on producing one.. :-(

Years ago Windlass Steelcrafts produced a decent economical model of an Estoc but it was discontinued in due course after not selling as well and I have not really seen many other sword manufacturers make a production model.

The closest thing is the Munich Sword by Albion, though at $1600 to $2200 depending on which variation, it is fairly expensive..

Your other only real option would be to get one custom made - Arms and Armor do custom pieces and would be able to do it justice. You can see their custom sword gallery here

Or maybe, if you are lucky, you may find the Windlass one somewhere on the secondary sword market..

Wish I could provide something more positive but that is the state of the market these days, if it won't sell well, it is too risky for most manufactuers to take a chance on it..

by: richard

thanks paul you have always been there to help me with my sword related questions. hopefully find one on ebay in fairly good condition by windlass steel craft, if not i was thinking of pulling the trigger on an angle sword but i can never find a review on them. apparently their s7 steel is one of the best, i was hoping you might have some insight?

by: richard

not sure if my previous comment posted but anyways...well i can see why it wouldn't catch much attention compared to fancier rapiers. iv just searched around and couldn't find the one by windlass although i did find a review on it " it was nice and simple just like i like".

although they are expensive i was thinking of going for an angle sword that fits the bill nicely. so i wanted to know if you knew anything about them due to lack of reviews about them. thank you for doing what you do

S7 steel is good stuff
by: Paul

Hi Richard,

I actually have to manually approve comments these days - otherwise the spammers jump on with all kinds of silly, irrelevant stuff..

Anyway, ebay is one option. You could also try asking on our own SBG forum in the Wanted Items and Requests section of the sword classifieds. It is free to join and post, just takes a couple of days to approve new members because of spammers and spambots trying to promote their rubbish on there..

Angel swords are a bit expensive, but many people who own them seem to like what they get. S7 steel is great stuff when properly heat treated, very durable and not cheap to work with..

Hopefully something will come of it - keep us posted!

by: richard

sweet im going to join right away. and if i decide to pull the trigger on an angle sword i will send in a video review!

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