Looking for a naval cutlass

by Lcpl Schultz
(Camp Lejeune, NC)

QUESTION: I'm a marine stationed on Camp Lejeune and I've been searching for a 100% full tang, high carbon, spring steel naval cutlass for the past 5 years. I originaly wanted an NCO sword with the above qualities but gave up my search after no results. Every cutlass I've come across has been just some cheap "made in china" excuse for a blade or doesn't list any specs. The sword will be used for the purpose that a sword is made for which is why I won't settle for anything less.

I've studied the cutlass you addvertise on your site and it had a great review however, I found the same sword on another site and it was reviewed as having a slender tang which conjured images of a wallhanger with a rod tack welded to it. Please, can you help me find a cutlass that will truely stand up to abuse and still look similar to the one on your site.

Richard J Schultz

ANSWER: Hi Richard,

There are actually several good options to consider. Windlass Steelcrafts make some great swords that should suit your purpose, and they are the offical suppliers for several militaries around the world, including the USMC..

Cold Steel also produce a few models (which, as it turns out are made to their specs by Windlass) which are deadly functional out of the box. Their tangs are correct for the type of sword, and may look a bit thin, but I assure you they are adequete.

One other site you may wish to consider is Military Heritage.com.

Hopefully between these three links you'll be able to find something of quality at a good price.

Best Regards,

- Paul

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