looking for help identifying a sword from hawaii, i think.

by Al Parker

my uncle passed away and we found a sword, don't know much about it, he was stationed in Hawaii. there are markings on the blade which consist of four SSSS then a space below then two SS below that three individual S below each other. there also is a large C on top, his name was carl, dont know if that's what its for, on the edge of the blade is a row of 5 lines space 5 lines space 4 lines.

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Not sure about this one..
by: Paul

This is a little out of my area of expertise, as far as I know Hawaiian swords (Koa) were not made from steel but instead were wooden implements with shark teeth attached to them much like the Aztecs did with obsidian.

What you have here looks a lot like a Thai or Burmese Daab - and it could actually be quite valuable as the period it comes from suggests it was not a tourist piece and doesn't look like one either..

Have a look here for some similar pieces, most are Burmese from the mid 19th century and those like your Uncles sword typically are valued from between US$750 to $1500.

The condition is quite good so you may be able to fetch a price at the upper end. Just don't do ANYTHING to try and clean it up or you will destroy the value and take it to a reputable pawnshop for a proper valuation.

Hope this helps.

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