love the extensive testing especailly on the budget katanas

by David
(muskegon, MI USA)

QUESTION: I know this is a weird request but you have tested alot of masahiro katans there's a few I am waiting to see pop up like the masahiro last samurai katana and the new hiro sword both on anyways the thing I would like ask is maybe your feedback on the masahiro white shadow I have 2 (both colors) but I am afraid to put them to the test cause the other masahiro sword I have bought I have put to the test (the Masakage katana) it had an edge that was well good but roll the send you missed the taget and hit the wood stand anyways I would love to see you guys test the white shadow katana from the 5 real swords I have now those 2 seem to be of the best quality in the area of the blade seem to be well forged I would like to hopefully see it put through the paces on your site someday soon hopefully and if you have already tryed one let know what you think of it and then maybe I'll take my chances thanks for listening to me run on and on lol.

ANSWER:Hi David,

Haven't tried one yet, but testing out some more of the Masahiros is definitely quite high on my review 'to do' list. There are also a few more budget Katana I am looking at, so should be some more reviews coming soon. :-)


- Paul

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