Man of Honor

After reading and using the SBG website for years, and with a closet full of disapointing beaters, I decided to buy a Custom Katana from Paul of SBG. It took longer than hoped to finally get the sword, and then I was not pleased with the tsuka. I expressed this to Paul and without wanting pictures or questioning my observations in any way, he asked me to send it back or accept a refund. The steel was / is outstanding, so in order to save freight (and keep the sword), I offered to remove the tsuka and return it for a remake. Due to the problems in China, it again took longer that we thought. I got tired of waiting and requested a refund which Paul was very willing to give. However, I really wanted the sword, so I changed my mind and kept it. By this time I knew he was doing all he could do to get my tsuba back to me. Feeling comfortable with his way of doing business, I ordered another sword, and received it without incident. One of only six made, it is a special piece and I am very pleased with all aspects, especially its cutting ability. Though I am still waiting for that rogue tsuba, I am confident that it will find its way back. I do get e-mails from Paul S. of SBG just letting me know that he hasen't forgotten about it. This guy is going to make sure people are pleased with his products and services. I believe it is very personal with him. So, go fourth and buy with conficence. Paul Southern is a man of honor and will not let you be disapointed.

Jack Brooks

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