masahiro swords

by jimmy

QUESTION: Have you ever heard anything about masahiro swords and if so would you recommend them?

ANSWER: The QC on Masahiro swords is all over the shop. Some are good deals for the money, others - very poor. As such, it is a bit of a gamble...

I wouldn't recommend them as serious cutters - but as display swords and occasional cutters (after a thorough inspection for structural integrity).

It is my opinion that there are better swords avaialble for the money than Masahiro. Just my $0.02 though..

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My experience with Masahiro blades
by: Anonymous

The Masahiro katana I have is light and well balanced and it feels great. It just doesn't perform well as other swords I have cut goza with. My friend had the same experience with his Masahiro.

I think it's good for someone looking to branch out from wall-hangers without spending much money.

Masahiro Kiriyama Katana
by: Michael

I got Masahiro sword from swords of might grab bag the sword was $105 but only paid 50 XP its an awesome cutter and it looks beautiful hand forged carbon steel blade fully functional its just awesome fallow this link and check it out swords of might is also my favorite site to buy stuff from they have always been good to me...

100$ or 1000$
by: Robert Triplett

The Masahiro Sword line is a good one, I have 10 or 12, lost count, I have been cutting 1 gallon milk jugs full of water for 10 years, I have over 20 diffferent other swords, some high dollar WW II swords that were re mounted and a few cheapo s, as far as Im concerned, you can pay 1000 bucks and cut 5 milk jugs or 65 $ and cut 5 milk jugs, its all in your own cutting swing, and technique, of course using the hips , as taught in many Tameshigiro dojo s, is the correct way.That said, for my purposes the Masahiro is the best for the money.I would rate them above the others because of their own expeirence in makeing,some are displays and some are cutters with bohi. Study,learn, and cut. Let your own wallett be the guide. Tameshigiro is an expensive hobby any way you look at it. I was elated to get my first Masahiro, and cut milk jugs,pool noodles,rolled mats, and other objects I wont talk about, any sword will break, bend, and have edge chips. I give Masahiro 5 stars.

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