QUESTION: A friend told me a bit about "Masahiro" katana's and I was wondering if you knew anything about them? I'm not sure as to whether that's a brand, place it's from, type, etc?

I was looking at two swords found here:


I was wondering what your opinion is on these swords, whether you've handled them or not, either way your input would be appreciated.

If you have any suggestions on some good swords, I'm looking for a price range from about $300-$500 and would like something more "custom" then the Tenchi katana. I mean, it's a great sword but I am hoping to find something as good or better quality but with a "unique" look like the swords in those pictures. Quality is definitely the first priority for me though.

ANSWER: Masahiro have some pretty big issues with quality control. Some are good, most are average for the $, some are just awful. You can find out more about them (and many other brands) here on my latest companion website..

As to a customized sword, quite a few people buy Cheness blades to be remounted, simply because in the price range you are talking about, you would be hard pressed to find better blades...

You can find more information on some folk who will do a great aftermarket refit towards the bottom of this review.

Hope this helps.

- Paul

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listen up...
by: SlayerofDarkness

The prices at are ridiculous. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM! They have decent customer service and, indeed, I've ordered from them and got my shippment in 4 days; however, the same items avaliable at TCEdge are literally half they're price at,,,, or even

May your blades stay forever sharp,

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