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A few weeks ago, I ordered a sword from a dutch company, A very nice site, which I had been browsing for some time before placing an order. Everything seemed alright, and I was about to do the payment a few days later, when suddenly the site went offline. I had told a friend about a discount the site was having, so he looked at it, saw that it was offline, and started searching. According to a forum he found, the main company went bankrupt a few weeks ago, and they've been scamming people with the remainder of their smaller internet stores. I'm hoping to inform anyone that has ordered from this site, not to place their payment.

ANSWER: Thanks for the heads up - it is because of this I strongly recommend only buying from sword sellers in the SBG Sword Buyers Directory

It's unfortunate, but a lot of the smaller companies are somewhat unreliable and I'll bet you are glad you didn't place your order when you first thought about it!


- Paul

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