microfibre and lens cloths

by Michael Wilson
(United Kingdom)

HI There

For a number of years now - when I come to clean my katana blades i find that certain cloths leave a streak free sheen and lustre far better than others do!

After cleaning the blade with uchiko powder I buff the surface with a microfibre cloth of the type used to clean VDU screens and lenses , these are so soft and fine
they will never scratch your blade unlike paper towels can.

I then apply choji oil and so it does not dull the finish I have achieved I use a small lens cloth from any opticians - the type they give you free with spectacles - add a half dozen drops to the cloth of choji oil and roll it into a tight ball to ensure the cloth has an even covering of oil.

wipe over the blade going from mune to ha (careful now)

the fine optical cloth used with choji does not smear or dull the lustre of your earlier uchiko work - this method is ideal for use prior to photographing blades with hada and hamon activity.

# microfibre cloths are cheaply available from any hardware store.

# lens cloths are free from any opticians.

# Always use good uchiko - shadow of leaves, Bugei trading etc, the cheap stuff will scratch a fine polish.

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