modifying swords

by Gary Lorenz
(Longmont Co.)

I found a brand new Windless European Sword at a pawn shop. I talked them down to fifty dollars .

Unfortunately it is a bit heavy and tip heavy as well. So I've thought about bobbing the point about 4 inches which would make a 29 inch blade.
Also I would cut the cross guard down to more of a Viking look. After that I may cut up the pommel depending on how far back the first two mods move the weight back.

I would be interested in your thoughts,

Gary Lorenz

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Feb 01, 2018

by: Paul

Hi Gary,

It is a lot of fun to modify a sword like this and make it both unique and personalized. At $50 this was quite a bargain, and a great way to try your hand at modification on a used sword rather than a brand new one.

No I assume you already know how to actually cut it down to shape, etc so will not touch on that (though just in case, the golden rule is not to overheat the blade, you can use powertools, but they should either use water or ensure that you don't get the blade hot enough that it ruins the tempering).

Essentially, if you want to change the balance point so that it is less tip heavy - you need to concentrate either on ADDING more material to the hilt or, as you suggested, cutting the blade back. If you work on the pommel and the cross guard it as you plan to do, it will make it even MORE tip heavy. So the best way to get it to handle better is, as you note, to cut the blade down the size.

This way, the balance will shift more towards the hilt - but if you also modify the hilt, you will basically end up where you started.

Best of luck and enjoy the learning process!

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